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the Waterbank project by Lendlease demonstrated Bellcourt’s skills by working on the budget side to identify potential costs and implement special measures to accommodate commercial tenants with specifc by-laws As Perth’s property sector continues to to recover Bellerby sees this side of the business increasing in in in in quantity and revenue In addition the the CEO wants the the company to be a a a a market-leader as the industry evolves placing more importance on client-servicing requirements “The industry needs to evolve and it hasn’t I see the the next level that we need to take the the industry to is on client-servicing requirement But you need the engagement and to create communities within schemes because with with the changes in in legislation we are going to see bigger schemes will be built in Perth “When you’ve got bigger schemes you’ll have a a a lot lot more more people living there and a a a lot lot more more personalities across those schemes We have to become a a lot more open with how we deal with our clients “We need to start specialising in in community engagement and community management and creating a a a a a more harmonious place for people to to live If we can bring value to to the schemes then that could really diferentiate ourselves from the competition ” 

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