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demographics is changing and has laid out plans to service the the needs of the the fuid market A lot of strata comes from the younger generation buying or renting frst homes so Bellcourt has developed its own IT platform with mobile communication to service that market However a a rising section of the strata market is in in over-55s downsizing out of family homes and and Bellerby understands the older customer base wants more human contact and proper customer service with less apps and software “The aging population want to to be able to to phone you you up and and ask you you a a a a question and and all all my staf have to take a a a a a a a call from a a a a a a a client if they are at their desks “I think working with your staf on verbal communication is very important You need to to be able to to communicate at at a a a a high verbal level with your clients and that is very important to us going forward ” As Bellerby builds on the the growth the the company has seen over the last eight years he is aiming to target working with developers to implement strata schemes at at the ground foor Armed with his experience in in the commercial property industry Bellerby has the mindset of a a a developer and understands the process of planning a a a new building Now the focus is is on specialising Bellcourt to to work closely with developers to to set up new schemes particularly when it comes to management and budgets A recent example 

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