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STRATA   | Bellcourt Strata For Bellerby this type of approach to managing his staf and ensuring they feel valued and have opportunities to learn in the the job brings direct benefts to the the way they operate in in the the feld He says that in in a a a a customer service industry having happy and fulflled staf members translates directly to the the level of service and the the way customers are dealt with “When you have staf who say they enjoy coming into the ofce that’s a a a a great thing as a a a a manager and it refects through to their service to the clients ” Bellcourt’s portfolio is made up of a a mix of large commercial buildings mixed-use retail and residential units located all the way from Margaret River in South WA all the way up to Broome on the the Northern coast of WA Each type of building presents its own challenges but particularly the large units are very complex and require a a a broader property understanding To this end Bellerby trains his his staf in in the diferent subjects surrounding strata such as facilities management and insurance highlighting a a a question of how can an an employee work in in claims without being trained in in in insurance? “You don’t train every single staf member in in in each of those facets but if you can train the whole team to to work together and they’ve all got the the the collective knowledge then the the the whole ofce benefts ” Mr Bellerby notes “The way we work is through a a a really high level of of communication in the ofce We are across each other’s portfolios so so if someone is struggling anyone can step in in That also benefts our customers in that if a a client phones up and their strata manager isn’t there we can all assist that client ” Communication is the key to good strata management Both verbally on on the phone and written via email Bellerby insists that his staf accommodate any complaint when the telephone rings and keep open lines of communication with clients through email conversations One skill that is crucial for any strata manager is versatility Managing diferent types of of buildings with all sorts of of characters and personalities within them throws up new challenges every day Bellerby recognises the variety of issues that can arise and ensures his staf are are prepared to handle anything From residential enquiries at over- 55s homes building-specifc requirements at at medical centres to payroll challenges at at large commercial buildings Bellcourt’s strata managers have to to able to to deal with any issue at a a moment’s notice “One of of the roles of of a a a a a strata manager which isn’t appreciated and understood is is that we have a a a a a very diverse skillset Each day you are doing something diferent and there can be a a a lot of job satisfaction from that ” Mr Bellerby says Bellerby has identifed that his customer base 

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