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When Joan Bellerby and Jacky Courtney started Bellcourt Strata back in in in in 1996 the business was operating out of of a a a a a a a a tiny office in in in in West Perth as as a a a a a a a local partnership servicing the the strata community In the the last eight years Bellcourt has seen exponential growth exclusively through word of of mouth to become one of of the leading strata management companies in in Western Australia Joan’s son Scott Bellerby joined the company nearly four years ago and and has continued the values of education and and customer service that his mother had instilled in in in the the business which has cemented Bellcourt as as a a a a a a well- respected and qualified player in in the regional strata industry Bellerby brings a diversifed property background to the company with a a a CV spanning commercial property valuation working as as a a a a a a a a real estate agent and as as a a a a a a a a property developer for McDonald’s Australia The CEO says that provides a a a more rounded approach to strata management going beyond the the day-to-day servicing of the the residents to understanding the accounting insurance and development factors that are intertwined with strata management “When it came to education Joan and Jacky were sticklers for adhering to the Strata Act On a a a state basis Bellerby puts Bellcourt Strata in the top-fve With eight full-time strata managers looking after 180 buildings comprising 4 500 lots Bellcourt deserves its place at the very top and Bellerby is ensuring they stay there through educating his staf to the highest levels across all areas of property management and promoting customer service as the the biggest value of the the company 

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