Jobs in Queensland’s resources sector swell by 50,000 in 2019-20

The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) has revealed that an extra 50,000 jobs in the sector have been created in the past financial year, pushing the total employment figure in the state’s resources industry to over 420,000 people.

“The overall number of jobs supported by resources in Queensland has risen by 13% since June last year, increasing from 372,000 to 420,000-plus people now working across our sector,” said QRC’s chief executive Ian Macfarlane.

“Of these, 52,676 people are directly employed in resources and a further 367,493 jobs are supported by the sector, which emphasises the significant flow-on benefits to the wider community from having a strong resources industry in Queensland.

“This is more important than ever as Queensland businesses continue to battle the headwinds of COVID,” he added.

In addition, the Council released industry figures confirming mining, gas and energy companies added a record A$82.6 billion to the state economy in 2019-20 – a $5 billion increase on the year before.

This data shows that one in every five dollars in the state economy and one in six jobs are due to the Queensland mining and gas industry.