Fitzroy Australia Resources partners with software firm in productivity and safety drive

Queensland-based coal miner Fitzroy Australia Resources has announced a partnership with software company Commit Works to introduce digital planning and short interval control at its Carborough Downs mine in the Bowen Basin.

The technology partnership will facilitate better coordination of work across the site and contribute to improved productivity and safety, according to Fitzroy’s leadership team.

Commit Works will provide its Fewzion planning and scheduling software to frontline planners, schedulers and coordinators. Meanwhile supervisors, deputies and the crew will use the integrated short interval control (SIC) app on smartphones and tablets to communicate the progress of their underground work.

“This is a necessary and exciting step in our journey. Fewzion is a system that has been successfully implemented and proven in all of the industry-leading operations,” said Fitzroy’s COO Richard Livingstone-Blevins.

“We look forward to working with the Commit Works team in delivering a successful business-wide planning solution, which will ultimately result in a safer and more productive operation,” he added.

Safety standards across Queensland’s mining sector have recently been called into question, following the deaths of six mine and quarry workers in the last 12 months. This has led to more than 23,000 workers, unions, and management reps participating in 550 safety resets at 162 mines and quarries across the state.