NSW and Queensland lagging behind Victoria in renewable energy transition: GEM research

Fresh research from consultancy group Green Energy Markets (GEM) has identified a mixed bag of state-to-state progress towards renewable energy targets across Australia.

While Victoria and South Australia are on course to reach their targets, New South Wales and Queensland are, on current trends, some way off achieving their renewable energy commitments.

Victoria is close to hitting its 40% renewables target by 2025 and is also fast approaching its 2030 targets of 50% renewables. Conversely, NSW needs nearly 5,000MW of new renewable energy projects to achieve its 2030 target.

The research also found that Tasmania exceeded its 100% renewable energy generation target last year, exporting excess amounts of its hydro and wind generated power. Western Australia was not included in the study and is the only state without a renewable energy or zero emissions target.

Following the Federal Government of Australia’s decision not to implement additional policies to reduce emissions in the electricity sector, GEM director Tristan Edis said the focus must now move to state government policies.

“Pointing the finger at the Federal Government and calling on them to do something to address policy uncertainty and reduce emissions is wasting your breath,” said Edis.

“The constitution rests power over regulation of the power sector with state governments. They have the power to drive investment in new capacity that will reduce emissions and increase competition.”