Report finds CEOs called Andrew outnumber women bosses in ASX 200 companies

Progress towards gender equality in Australian boardrooms has been labelled ‘jagged’ by a report, after it revealed that there are more CEOs called Andrew than there are women leading ASX 200 companies.

Employment expert Conrad Liveris found that 7% of all ASX 200 CEOs were Andrews, while the entire cohort of female CEOs made up just 5.5% – the same percentage as bosses named Michael.

“The average Australian CEO is a man, most likely named Andrew or Michael,” said Liveris in his Gender Equality at Work 2019 report. “Before becoming CEO, he likely headed a business unit or was the chief financial officer of that company.”

The number of ASX 200 companies with female CEOs in 2018 dropped by one on the previous year to 11, although the report did find there has been a tripling of female CFOs in the past three years to 24.

BHP’s CEO Andrew Mackenzie was included in the report and said companies must do more to tackle gender inequality: “You can’t get away from the fact that there are a lot of unconscious biases in the world, but particularly in business that has been so male-dominated, where all the rules had been written by predominantly males, and predominantly white males,” he said.