Queensland close to $24 billion renewable energy boom: GEM report

Queensland is on the verge of a $24 billion renewable energy boom according to a new report by Green Energy Markets (GEM), commissioned by Solar Citizens.

The study found that Queensland could generate more than 90% of its electricity needs from renewable energy sources by 2030 if the current 15GW pipeline of large-scale wind and solar projects become operational.

If all these planned projects are to proceed, the renewables industry in Queensland would expand sixfold, employing 34,000 people in construction and 1,500 people in ongoing jobs.

However, the report stressed that the build of these renewables projects is dependent on the phase out of existing coal-fired power stations and government policy to reduce emissions in the energy sector.

“The vast majority of these projects [under consideration] will only proceed to construction if there is new government policy to encourage further carbon pollution reductions in the electricity sector or the closure of existing power plants,” said the report.

“Without strong, consistent and ongoing policy support for renewables, it is highly likely Queensland will miss out on many of these opportunities and fall short of reaching its target of at least 50% renewable energy by 2030,” commented Louise Matthiesson, spokeswoman for Solar Citizens Queensland.