Large scale solar growth pushes Australian renewables to 21% in 2019

Renewable energy accounted for 21% of Australia’s electricity generation in 2019, according to latest figures released by Australian Energy Statistics on Wednesday.

Australian renewable energy use grew from 19% in 2018 to 21% last year, largely thanks to surging growth in the large scale solar power sector, which increased by 135% in 2019.

Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor said the rise in renewable energy was driven by record levels of investment, with 6.3% of new renewable energy capacity delivered in 2019.

“Australia continues to be a world-leader in renewable energy, with ongoing increases in renewable capacity and generation,” Taylor said.

The biggest contributor to the growth in renewable energy was solar (up 46%) and wind (up 16%), while hydro provided 26% of total renewable generation in 2019.

Combined sources of renewable energy also exceeded gas generation for the first time, despite the Federal Government’s focus on the latter sector. Gas supplied 20.5% of Australia’s electricity use last year.